Oh hai

I’m Rik Smith-Unna - a biologist, hacker, and PhD student in Plant Sciences in the Hibberd Lab at the University of Cambridge. I’m a Mozilla Fellow for Science for 2015-16.

Online I go by blahah or blahah404.

I spend most of my energy working on projects that try to make science more open. Knowledge should be free in every way, and there are concrete things we can do now to help make it that way.

My PhD is about deciphering the genetic basis of a particularly efficient kind of photosynthesis, so we can work out how to make crops more productive for the poorest people in the world.

Day to day, that means analysing next-generation sequencing data and writing bioinformatics software to make those analyses more effective.

Find me on Github, ResearchGate, StackExchange, Twitter or Google+.